Call for Proposals


The EAAV is pleased to announce the call for proposals for the EAAV Research Grant to be awarded at the 4th International Conference on Avian, Herpetological and Exotic Mammal Medicine (ICARE 2019) in London, UK in 2019.

The grant is intended to support the funding of an avian veterinary research project and amounts € 5000.

Proposals need to be submitted by the project leader including a curriculum vitae with list of publications of the main persons involved, a blinded sketch of project (introduction, review of literature, material and methods, goals), a working plan with time schedule, and a financing plan.

The proposal must be submitted online through the online application form “EAAV Research Grant” on the EAAV website. All proposals must be in British English. The project leader who submits the proposal will be the person with whom all correspondence takes place.

Each project will be evaluated by two external experts for importance for the field, soundness of experimental design, feasibility, and probability of success. The external experts should have a deep expertise in the field of the proposed project. They should write a short review about the project and their recommendation. These reports are intended to help the selective committee with the decision finding, especially to avoid the vote for a project with a methodological mistake. Based on their advice the selective committee will choose the recipient.

The selective committee consists of seven persons in total, three members of the EAAV Board (chair, vice chair, director of science and conferences), three members of the SC (chair, junior vice chair, senior vice chair) and the president of the OC of the upcoming EAAV conference. In case committee members are involved in a proposed project or positions are accumulated in one person, the chair SC or the chair EAAV Board nominates proxies depending of which group the replacement is needed.

In case of detection of a severe problem (methodological, ethical or similar...) each member of the selective committee has a right of veto.

The grant will awarded by the chairman of the EAAV at the award ceremony of the EAAV conference.


Deadline for submission: Oct. 31st 2018


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