The Gylstorff Fund was founded in 1990 by Prof. Dr. Helga Gerlach in memory of Prof. Dr. Irmgard Gylstorff, the former director of the Institut für Krankheiten des Haus- und Ziergeflügels sowie der Tauben, Wild- und Zoovögel (Institute for Diseases of Poultry and Pet Birds including Pigeons, Wild- and Zoobirds) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Prof. Dr. Gylstorff was the first lady in the world to hold a chair in veterinary medicine a and she held the first European chair of an Institute for Avian Diseases, in 1961 at the Tierärztliche Hochschule in Hannover, Germany.


The Helga Gerlach Fund was created in 2009 by a group of European AAV members to perpetuate the work of Professor Dr. Dr. habil Helga Gerlach throughout her long serving years. Professor Gerlach has dedicated more than 50 years of her life to avian exotic and poultry medicine. She is a well known scientist, speaker and teacher all over the world. To this day she is actively involved in avian veterinary science as a histopathologist. Two of her outstanding traits are her continuing natural curiosity and interest in birds in general and her dedication to life-long learning. These traits enabled her to accumulate an amazing store of knowledge, which she readily shares with colleagues.


In 2011 the EAAV Board decided to merge two funds into the Gerlach-Gylstorff Fund.




1. Funding and advertisement


The financial basis of the Gerlach Gylstorff Fund consists of donations, interests of the EAAV capital, net income from raffles, auctions, and the sale of specialities designed for the fund at EAAV meetings, and 10% of the net profit of EAAV meetings.


The managerial director of the EAAV supervises the funding and nominates other members of the funding board from the EAAV Board and the OC of the upcoming conference. The amount of money paid out depends on the actual sum collected by funding. The given amounts below are the maximum amounts per prize in case of sufficient funds.


The director of science and conferences and the chairman of the scientific committee are responsible for advertising the call for proposals six months prior to the biannual EAAV Conference.




2. Prices and grants


2.1. Gylstorff Travel Grant


The Gylstorff Travel Grant is a travel fund for young doctorate or PhD candidates and young scientists or students to learn new scientific methods or to participate in scientific meetings. In principle the Gylstorff Fund partly pays for the travel expenses.


The amount paid out derives exclusively from the interest on the capital. There is no maximum to be paid per person. The money is given absolutely, i.e. it is not a loan. In return the beneficiaries accept the duty to publish a scientific paper on the new knowledge gained or to give a written report of the scientific meeting for the benefit of their colleagues. The average amount granted in the past has been 500€ per applicant.


The grant is managed by the treasurer of the European Committee of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (EAAV). Decisions on the grant to be given and on the amount to be distributed are made by the treasurer and two other board members elected by the EAAV chairperson.


Applications need to be submitted by the candidates themselves online through the online application form “Gylstorff Travel Grant” on the EAAV website. It should include a CV, explanation of financial necessity, estimated costs of travel and the purpose the travel grant is intended for. The deadline for applications for travel grants to scientific meetings is about eight weeks before the early registration deadline. Applications for other purposes are always possible.


2.2 Helga Gerlach Student Prizes


The Helga Gerlach Student Prizes, formerly named EAAV student session prizes, are awarded for the three top presentations of the student session at the EAAV conference. They are intended for students with no more than three years of postgraduate studies. Students already involved in a residency program are excluded from application.


Application is done through regular paper submission for the main conference. Students must indicate at time of submission their wish to compete within the student session. Deadlines for submission and notification are the same as for papers submitted for the main program.


Places within this competitive session are limited to 5-7 depending on the decision of the organizing committee (OC). Candidates will be selected by the scientific committee (SC) from all manuscripts submitted.


Student papers rejected for this competition by the SC can still be placed in the main program in case they are of higher quality than other papers submitted for the main conference.


The top three presentations are selected during and announced immediately after the student session within the EAAV award ceremony. The selective committee consists of the chair of SC plus two other persons of the SC the chair chooses. One of these persons has to be with an academic affiliation, the other person has to be from private practice. In case one of the three is involved in one of the papers submitted, the SC chair has to nominate a proxy.


The prizes are awarded by the SC Chair as follows


1st place                      € 1000  (€ 300 to the student, € 700 to the main affiliation of the project)

2nd place                     € 500 (€ 200 to the student,   € 300 to the main affiliation of the project)

3rd place                      € 300 (€ 100 to the student, € 200 to main affiliation of the project)


All three recipients are invited to the Gala Dinner of the conference.



2.3 Helga Gerlach Senior Award

The Helga Gerlach Senior Award is intended to honour senior veterinarians with outstanding contributions to the avian medical field. It does not need to be awarded every other year. Potential candidates should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Veterinary surgeon of good standing
  • 15 years of service to avian medicine
  • Contributed substantially to enrich the literature on avian medicine
  • Promoted avian medicine through teaching, research or clinical performance
  • Exemplary disposition to strive for excellence in avian medicine

The selective committee consists of seven persons in total, three members of the EAAV Board, three members of the SC and a representative of the OC of the upcoming EAAV conference. Current members of the selective committee are excluded from candidature


Candidates can be proposed from outside and inside the selective committee by providing name, affiliation and contact of the proposed person. Self application is not possible. Deadlines for proposal and notification are the same as for papers submitted for the main program.


Selection of recipient is performed within the selective committee with a secret ballot. The SC chair receives all votes. If necessary, the selection procedure will be done in several rounds.


The prize is awarded by the EAAV President and the Senior Vice Chair of the SC at the award ceremony of the EAAV conference and consists of the Helga Gerlach Award Statuette and € 1000 prize money.



2.4 EAAV Research Grant

The grant is intended to support the funding of an avian veterinary research project and amounts € 5000.

Proposals need to be submitted by the project leader including a curriculum vitae with list of publications of the main persons involved, a blinded sketch of project (introduction, review of literature, material and methods, goals), a working plan with time schedule, and a financing plan.

The proposal must be submitted online through the online application form “EAAV Research Grant” on the EAAV website. All proposals must be in British English. The project leader who submits the proposal will be the person with whom all correspondence takes place.

Each project will be evaluated by two external experts for importance for the field, soundness of experimental design, feasibility, and probability of success. The external experts should have a deep expertise in the field of the proposed project. They should write a short review about the project and their recommendation. These reports are intended to help the selective committee with the decision finding, especially to avoid the vote for a project with a methodological mistake. Based on their advice the selective committee will choose the recipient.

The selective committee consists of seven persons in total, three members of the EAAV Board (chair, vice chair, director of science and conferences), three members of the SC (chair, junior vice chair, senior vice chair) and the president of the OC of the upcoming EAAV conference. In case committee members are involved in a proposed project or positions are accumulated in one person, the chair SC or the chair EAAV Board nominates proxies depending of which group the replacement is needed.

In case of detection of a severe mistake (methodological, ethical or similar...) each member of the selective committee has a right of veto.

Deadline for submission is the same as for papers submitted for the main program of the conference.

The grant will awarded by the chairman of the EAAV at the award ceremony of the EAAV conference.

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