Gylstorff Travel Grant


The Gylstorff Travel Grant is a travel fund for young doctorate or PhD candidates and young scientists or students to learn new scientific methods or to participate in scientific meetings. In principle the Gylstorff Fund partly pays for the travel expenses.


The amount paid out derives exclusively from the interest on the capital. There is no maximum to be paid per person. The money is given absolutely, i.e. it is not a loan. In return the beneficiaries accept the duty to publish a scientific paper on the new knowledge gained or to give a written report of the scientific meeting for the benefit of their colleagues. The average amount granted in the past has been 500€ per applicant.


The grant is managed by the treasurer of the European Committee of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (EAAV). Decisions on the grant to be given and on the amount to be distributed are made by the treasurer and two other board members elected by the EAAV chairperson.


Applications need to be submitted by the candidates themselves online through the online application form “Gylstorff Travel Grant” on the EAAV website. It should include a CV, explanation of financial necessity, estimated costs of travel and the purpose the travel grant is intended for. The deadline for applications for travel grants to scientific meetings is about eight weeks before the early registration deadline. Applications for other purposes are always possible.

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