Helga Gerlach Student Prize:

2015 Paris

1. Ms. Luisa Ziegler (Investigations into a novel Mycoplasma species (M. seminis sp. nov.) occuring in the semen of falcons)

2. Mr. Andreas Bublat (Species-specific and seasonal variations in semen availability and semen characteristics in large parrots)

3. Ms. Sylvia Lieselotte Mayr (Prevalence of Sarcocystis calchasi in Germany)

2013 Wiesbaden

1. Ms. Kristina Maier (Pathogenesis and treatment of Sarcocystis calchasi infections in domestic pigeons)

2. Ms. Helena Schneider (Investigations on cryopreservation of psittacine semen)

3. Ms. Franca Möller Palau-Ribes (The mycoplasmal flora of white storks)

Dr John Chitty and the winners of the 2013 Edition of the Helga Gerlach Student Prize: Dr Kristina Maier, Dr Helena Schneider and Dr Franca Möller Palau-Ribes

Dr Michael Lierz, Dr Julia Heckmann (2013 EAAV Research Grant winner), Dr Kristina Maier (2013 1st Student prize), Dr Franca Möller Palau-Ribes (2013 3rd Student Prize) and Dr Helena Schneider (2013 2nd Student Prize)

2011 Madrid

1. Ms. Anne Piepenbring (Experimental infection with avian Borna virus in cockatiels)

2. Mr. Steffen Kraut (Evaluation of a vaccine against BFD-Polyomavirus  in budgerigars)

3. Mr. Dominik Fischer (Semen evaluation in large falcons)


EAAV Research Grant:

2015 Ms. Helena Schneider (Cryopreservation of spermatozoa in large parrots)

2013 Ms. Julia Heckmann (Investigations in the transmission of avian Borna virus in cockatiels)

2011 Mr. Carlos Rojo Solis ( Efficacy and safety of human recombinant erythropoietin in african grey parrots)

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