EAAV Foundation and Basic Commitments


The European Association of Avian Veterinarians (EAAV) is an independent, international, professional organisation of practitioners advancing and promoting avian medicine, stewardship, and conservation through education of its members, the veterinary community and those they serve. It was formed in the 1990s by European members of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV - based in the USA) as a self-reliant committee of AAV. In 2014, EAAV was newly formed as a self-sustaining European organisation. However, EAAV liaises closely with other International associations for avian, reptilian, amphibian, exotic pet and zoo animal medicine. EAAV is comprised of veterinarians from private practice, zoos, universities and industry, as well as allied personnel, technicians and students.


Our main goals are:

  • Companion birds are perceived as valuable, intelligent and attractive pets. Bird owners have to understand the value of qualified veterinary care and should be educated in the responsible care of their charges by their veterinarians. Therefore, veterinarians have to continually enhance and refine the clinical and professional knowledge and skills in avian medicine and the number of veterinarians competent in avian medicine have to increase.
  • Species and their natural habitats are preserved. Hence, veterinarians and their organisations have to pursue the preservation of species and their habitats.
  • Research improves the knowledge about birds and avian medicine and helps to improve diagnostics, therapy, and prevention of diseases and species conservation of rare species. Thus, veterinarians and their clients as well as educators and researchers involved in avian medicine should have access to appropriate, relevant technical information and insight.


EAAV will possess the credibility, respect, influence, and resources needed to accomplish its mission.