Country Representatives

Role and Liaison Duties of EAAV - Country - Representatives


1. Application, election and term

1.1 Country Representatives are proposed by peer-EAAV members. Self-application is permitted too.

1.2  Application for Country Representatives includes complete contact details and curriculum vitae.

1.3. Country Representatives are elected during the EAAV General Assembly. The EAAV board may appoint Preliminary Country Representatives who must be approved by EAAV members during the next EAAV General Assembly.

1.4. Term of Country Representatives is in general four years. Terms may be renewed numerous times in case there is no other applicant as Country Representative for a specific country. Renewal must be approved by EAAV members during the EAAV General Assembly after each consecutive period (4 years).

2. Role and Duties

The role and duties for Country - Representatives of the European Association of Avian Veterinarians are as follows:

2.1 To advance and promote the development of avian medicine and surgery amongst clinicians in their own country.

2.2 To promote amongst bird owners the need for and the use of avian clinicians and avian specialists within their own country.

2.3 To serve as a link between the EAAV office and EAAV members of their own country (EAAV liaison).

3. Required Actions

Required actions to be carried out for EAAV on a routine basis are as follows:

3.1 To promote interest in avian medicine and surgery, within veterinary faculties and student groups within their own country.

3.2 To encourage and support avian veterinary clinician interest groups within their own country.

3.3 To ensure that whenever possible those interested in avian medicine are informed of the EAAV and the benefits of membership.

3.4 To maintain an electronic data base of all their national EAAV members and other clinicians with an avian interest, so that all EAAV activities (calls for papers, conferences etc) can be brought to their attention in a timely manner.

3.5 To bring any issues raised by their state and national avian veterinarians to the attention of EAAV.

3.6 To send a report on current country related issues to the EAAV office at least every two years (until the end of February before the next EAAV conference) to be discussed on the EAAV Board Meeting and the EAAV General Assembly.

3.7 To send material to the EAAV board on a regular basis in order to keep the website updated to serve as a forum and general information platform for all members.

3.8 To immediately send a report to the EAAV office in cases of relevant issues which are of general interest for EAAV members.