EAAV Gylstorff Travel Grant

Gylstorff Travel Grant

The EAAV Gylstorff Travel Grant is a travel fund designated for undergraduate students, doctorate students or PhD candidates, interns and residents in order to allow the learning of new scientific methods or to participate in scientific meetings of the European Association of Avian Veterinarians (EAAV) or cooperating associations. In particular, participation in the International Conference on Avian, Herpetological and Exotic Mammal Medicine (ICARE) is supported. Members of the European Association of Avian Veterinarians e.V. (EAAV) are preferred in the selection process.


In principle the Gylstorff Travel Grant partly pays for the travel expenses. The amount paid out derives exclusively from the interest on the capital. There is no maximum to be paid per person. The money is given absolutely, i.e. it is not a loan.

Applications need to be submitted by the candidates themselves online through the online application form. It is mandatory to submit a CV, explanation of financial necessity, estimated costs of travel and the purpose the travel grant is intended for. It should include an essay (500 to 700 words) on the travel intention. The deadline for applications for the Gylstorff Travel Grant to scientific meetings is the same as the early registration deadline for the conference or at least 8 weeks before the start of the planned travel.

In return the beneficiaries accept either the duty to publish a scientific paper on the new knowledge gained, to give a talk in the avian session of the upcoming ICARE or to write a report of the scientific meeting for the benefit of their colleagues printed in the EAAV newsletter. In this report, talk or paper the EAAV needs to be mentioned specifically as the funding source

The Gylstorff Travel Grant is managed by the treasurer of EAAV. Decisions on the grant to be given and on the amount to be distributed are made by the EAAV treasurer, one other EAAV board member and one EAAV advisory board member, both elected by the EAAV president.

The Winners of the EAAV Gylstorff Travel Grant for 2017 are:

  • Andreas Bublat, Germany
  • Julia Heckmann, Germany
  • Sylvia Lieselotte Parmentier, Germany
  • Helena Schneider, Germany
  • Tanya Imaz Christy, Mexico
  • Mohammadreza Haddadmarandi, Iran

Winners of the EAAV Gylstorff Travel Grant (from left to right: Dominik Fischer (EAAV Secretary), Sylvia Lieselotte Parmentier, Helena Schneider, Andreas Bublat, Julia Heckmann, Michael Lierz (EAAV President), John Chitty (EAAV Vice-President).

Winner of the EAAV Gylstorff Travel Grant (from left to right: Tanya Imaz Christy, Michael Lierz (EAAV President)