EAAV Helga Gerlach Student Prize

Helga Gerlach Student Prize


The Helga Gerlach Student Prizes, formerly named EAAV student session prizes, are awarded for the three top presentations of the student session at the EAAV conference. They are intended for students with no more than three years of postgraduate studies. Students already involved in a residency program are excluded from application.

Application is done through regular paper submission for the main conference. Students must indicate at time of submission their wish to compete within the student session. Deadlines for submission and notification are the same as for papers submitted for the main program.

Places within this competitive session are limited to 5-7 depending on the decision of the organizing committee (OC). Candidates will be selected by the scientific committee (SC) from all manuscripts submitted.

Student papers rejected for this competition by the SC can still be placed in the main program in case they are of higher quality than other papers submitted for the main conference.

The top three presentations are selected during and announced immediately after the student session within the EAAV award ceremony. The selective committee consists of the chair of SC plus two other persons of the SC the chair chooses. One of these persons has to be with an academic affiliation, the other person has to be from private practice. In case one of the three is involved in one of the papers submitted, the SC chair has to nominate a proxy.

The prizes are awarded by the SC Chair as follows

1st place € 1000 (€ 300 to the student, € 700 to the main affiliation of the project)
2nd place € 500 (€ 200 to the student, € 300 to the main affiliation of the project)
3rd place € 300 (€ 100 to the student, € 200 to main affiliation of the project)

All three recipients are invited to the Gala Dinner of the conference.



The EAAV Helga Gerlach Prize recipients 2017 are:

1st Prize: Filipa Lopez, Madrid, Spain

2nd Prize: Carlotta de Luca, Padua, Italy

3rd Prize: Anne-Kathrin Burmeister, Munich, Germany

Winners of the EAAV Helga Gerlach Student Prizes (from left to right: Dominik Fischer (EAAV Secretary), Anne-Kathrin Burmeister (3rd Prize), Carlotta de Luca (2nd Prize), Filipa Lopez (1st Prize), Michael Lierz (EAAV President), John Chitty (EAAV Vice-President).