EAAV Senior Award

EAAV Helga Gerlach Senior Award

The EAAV Helga Gerlach Senior Award is intended to honour senior veterinarians with outstanding contributions to the avian medical field.

Potential candidates should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Veterinary surgeon of good standing
  • 15 years of service to avian medicine
  • Contributed substantially to enrich the literature on avian medicine
  • Promoted avian medicine through teaching, research or clinical performance
  • Exemplary disposition to strive for excellence in avian medicine

Candidates can be proposed from outside and inside the selective committee by providing name, affiliation and contact of the proposed person. Self-application is not possible. Deadlines for proposal and notification are the same as for papers submitted for the main program of ICARE.

Selection of recipient is performed within the selective committee with a secret ballot. The selective committee consists of the chairperson of the scientific committee for avian medicine during ICARE and six members of the EAAV Board and EAAV Advisory Board (EAAV President, EAAV Vice-president, EAAV Officer for Gerlach Gylstorff Fund, EAAV Treasurer, EAAV Secretary and the Chairperson of the EAAV Advisory Board). The EAAV President receives all votes and announces the decision. If necessary, the selection procedure will be done in several rounds.

The prize is awarded by the EAAV President and the chairperson of the SC at the EAAV award ceremony during ICARE and consists of the Helga Gerlach Award Statuette and € 1000 prize money.